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Essential Tips for Bidding On Art at Auctions

Bidding on art is not as easy as it sounds. The process tends to involve several activities, and people need to be aware of the same before venturing further into the process. By doing so, you will stand a better chance of getting what you need and proceed to take it all in the right direction. But that alone cannot sum up the whole deal because your fellow bidders will bring in their moves and try to make the most of everything. So in order to get the complete picture, you need a few tips, and those points are listed below.

Contacting the Art Dealer

There are a few instances that call for better communication between you and the dealer. For example, when editions come into the picture, you need to have better clarity on the same, and thus calling the art dealer will do the trick for the better. While auctions do not include editioned works, they do make an exemption at times. As a result, maintaining a valuable relationship with the dealer and being able to communicate freely will help you fetch the best results and information.

The Case of Absentee Bidder

If you have ever heard of the best way to bid, then it might be something referring to an absentee bidder. With an absentee bid, you can stand a chance to bid the exact amount that you had calculated and also receive priority in the case of a tie with a live bid. Due to that, numerous problems and mistakes will be eliminated, and you can get used to a better setting. In this manner, the process carries on without any stops, and you will not be worried about anything.

The Case of Absentee Bidder

The Importance of Research

It is quite hard to come across a bidder who has not done their research about the quarry. The importance of research is something that needs to be understood by everyone, and by doing so, you will have a better knowledge of things and the entire process in general. For this purpose, you can go around consulting experts and other such individuals who can guide you in the right direction. Since research frames the basis of every other move, one should never fail to implement the same and move ahead to achieve the best.


The Position

Before venturing into bidding on art, you need to explore the routine and understand the seating arrangements people go through. Expert individuals and other kinds of professionals will always know the game and move ahead to be seated at a place where they will be seen and heard. Moreover, with spotters coming into the picture, the matter moves along the lines of a few complications. Due to that, it is safe to be seated in a chair on the side of the room so that spotters can see your bidding even when the auctioneer does not.

The Position


By following these straightforward and simple tips, you can surely capture the moment and make your bid on art that you love.

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